Human Body Organs List - Parts of Body Name

Human Body Organs

It is considered that have 78 organs are in the human body and these organs work in coordination. Five major organs are vital for survival; these include the heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and lungs.


Know here the structural organization of the human body.

Human Body Organs

Human Body Parts Name


Lists of human body part names-


1. Oral Cavity

2. Mouth

3. Teeth

4. Tongue

5. Nasal Cavity

6. Palate - divided into two parts

a. Hard palate

b. Soft palate


6. Salivary gland - three pairs of major salivary glands

a. Sublingual gland

b. Submandibular gland

c. Parotid gland


7. Pharynx- divided into three regions 

a. Nasopharynx

b. Oropharynx

c. Laryngoparynx (hypopharynx)


8. Epiglottis

The epiglottis is leaf-shaped flap cartilage in the throat that prevents food from entering the windpipe (trachea) and the lungs.

Epiglottis stays open during breathing, allowing air into the larynx.


9. Hyoid bone

10. Larynx - voice box

The opening of the larynx into the pharynx is known as the laryngeal inlet is about 4–5 cm in diameter.


11. Trachea

12. Lungs

13. Heart

14. Esophagus

15. Diaphragm

16. Omentum

17. Stomach

18. Spleen

19. Liver

20. Gall bladder

21. Pancreas

22. Common bile duct

23. Kidney

24. Adrenal Glands

25. Bladder

24. Mesentery


25. Small intestine- has three parts

a. Duodenum

b. Jejunum

c. Ileum


26. Large intestine- consist of

a. Ascending colon

b. Transverse colon

c. Descending colon

d. Sigmoid column

e. Cecum

e. Rectum

f. Anus, Anal canal


27. Appendix

28. Fallopian Tubes, Ovary, Uterus in Female Reproductive organ


29. Testes, Vas deferens, Seminal vesicles in Male Reproductive organs



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Organ Systems of Human Body


The human body consists of 11 organ systems-

1. Integumentary system

2. Skeletal system

3. Muscular system

4. Lymphatic system

5. Respiratory system

6. Cardiovascular system

7. Digestive system

8. Urinary system

9. Nervous system

10. Endocrine system, and

11. Reproductive systems (Female and Male)

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