first stage of labour

 First stage

Stars from onset of true labor pain and full dilatation of cervix. (8-10cm)

Time period;

In primigrivida; 10-12 hours 

In multigravidae; 6-8 hours 

Events in first stage labour

1. Latent phase

Dilatation of cervix; 0-3cm

Duration in primi;8hrs

Duration in multi;  4hrs

Cervix dilatation rate; 0.35cm/hr

2. Active phase

Latent phase over when cervix 3cm dilated and active phase start.

Dilatation of cervix; 4-7cm

In primigrivida;

Duration in primi; 4-8 hrs

Cervix dilatation rate;1cm/ hr

In multigravidae;

Cervix dilatation rate;1.5 cm /hr

3. Transitional phase

Dilatation of cervix; 7- 10cm

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