Fetal lies inside uterus

 Fetus in utero

Fetal lies inside uterus in closed-sac filled with liquor amnii.


1. Lie

2. Presentation

3. Presenting part

4. Attitude

5. Denominator

6. Position

1. Lie

Fetus lies inside uterus in;

Longitudinal lie

Transverse lie

Oblique lie

Refers to the relationship between long axis of fetus with respect to long axis of mother.

2. Presentation

Part of fetus which occupies at lower pole of uterus (pelvic brim) called presentation may be;




When more than one part of fetus present called compound presentation.

3. Presentating part

Part of presentation which overlies the internal OS and felt by examining finger through cervical opening.

Cephalic (vertex)

Face and brow

4. Attitude

Relation of different part of fetus to one other.

Relationship of fetal head of fetal back or extremities.

Posture of fetus;

Flexion (vertex)

Deflexion (vertex)




5. Denominator

Bony fixed point (bony landmark) on presentating part which comes in relation with various 

quadrants of maternal pelvis.

Denominator of Different Presentation 

In vertex; Occiput

Face; Mentum (chin)

Breech; sacrum

Brow; Frontal eminence

Shoulder; acromion/scapula

6. Position

Relation of the denominator to the different quadrants of pelvis.

8 positions with each presenting part;

Anterior, posterior, right and left is referred in relation to maternal pelvis.

Occipito posterior (OP)

Right occipito posterior (ROP)

Left occipito posterior (LOP)

Right occipito transverse (ROT)

Left occipito transverse (LOT)

Right occipito anterior (ROA)

Left occipito posterior (LOA)

Occipito anterior (OA)

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