difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic

Difference between sympathetic stimulation and parasympathetic stimulation

Sympathetic stimulation

Eye- pupil dilated, flattening of lens

Salivary gland- secretion inhibited

Gland (nasal, lacrimal, gastric, pancreas); inhibits secrtory activity

Heart- rate and force of contraction increased

Coronary arteries, dilated

Trachea and bronchi - dilated

Stomach, peristalsis reduced, sphincter closed

Liver - glycogen glucose conversion increased.

Gall bladder, inhibits; gall bladder is relaxed

Adrenal medulla; adrenaline and noradrenaline secretion increased.

Large and small intestine, motility reduced, sphincter closed.

Bladder/ urethra; wall relaxed, sphincter closed

Kidney; Urine secretion reduced

Abdominal vessels, constricted

Adipose tissue, stimulated lipolysis (fat breakdown)

Muscle, increase blood flow to skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle.

Vagina, causes contraction of vagina, increase mucus secretion.

Sweat gland, stimulate copious secretion.

Penis, cause ejaculation

Fight or flight activities

Parasympathetic stimulation

Eye- pupil constricted, thicking of lense

Saliva- saliva secretion increased

Gland (nasal, lacrimal, gastric, pancreas); stimulate secretory activity

Heart- rate and force of contraction decrease.

Coronary arteries- coronary arteries constricted

Trachea and bronchi- constricted

Stomach- secretion of gastric juice and motility increases.

Liver- bile secretion increased

Pancreas- pancreatic juice stimulation

Gall bladder; gall bladder contracts to expel bile.

Adrenal memedulla,

Small intestine; secretion of intestine juice and motility increased, digestion and absorption increased.

Large intestine, secretion and motility increased, sphincter relaxed, digestion and absorption increased.

Bladder, muscle of wall contracted, sphincter relaxed.

Kidney, urine secretion increased

Abdominal vessels, dilated

Muscle, reduce blood flow to skeletal muscle.

Vagina, cause vasodilation of vagina

Sweat gland, no parasympathetic nerve supply

Penis, causes vasodilation

Rest and digest activities; salvation, urination, defecation, digestion, lacrimation.

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