Visceral pain

 Visceral Pain

Visceral pain results from stimulation of nocireceptors. It results from noxious stimulation of receptor in organs of thorax and abdominal cavity.

Important stimuli for visceral pain-

Extreme stretching of tissue


Irritating chemical

Large number of fibres are stimulated

Visceral nerve are streched

Deep somatic pain

During inflammation

Accumulation of metabolites

If causes pain for example, inflammation affects parietal layer of serous membrane (pleura, peritoneal) pain is acute and easily located over site of inflammation.

This is because peripheral spinal (somatic) nerve innervate superficial tissues also innervate parietal layer of serous membrane.

They transmit impulse to cerebral cortex where somatic pain is perceived and accurately located.

Autonomic function

Afferent impulse from viscera-

Visceral reflex, for example; cough, blood pressure (baroreceptors)

Sensation of hunger, thirst, nausea, sexual sensation, rectal and bladder distension

Visceral pain, nociceptor are receptors result in pain

Nociceptors are sensory receptors. Nociceptors are free nerve endings found in the skin, muscle, joints, bone and viscera.

Visceral nociceptors are located within body organs and internal cavities. 

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