mental status examination

 Mental status examination

Mental status examination involve observing patients psychological life, behaviors and describingit.

Purpose of mental status examination

To asses patient's psychological well being

To detect changes or abnormality in person's intellectual functioning, though content, judgement, mood and effect 

Listen closely to what is said and reflect on what is not said.

It is important to monitor one's own feelings and reaction while implementing the MSE and should respond in therapeutic manner towards patient .

Content of Mental Status Examination 

1 General appearance

1. Appearance and behavior

2. Grooming and dress 

3. Posture and gait

4. physical characteristics

5. Eye contact

6. Rapport

2. Psychomotor activity

1. Level of activity

2. Specific mannerism

3. Speech

A. Rate

1. Pressure speech

2. Rapid speech

3. Slowed speech

4. Mutism

5. Volume

B. Specific abnormalities

1. Stuttering

2. Speech impediment

3. Aphasia


1. Mood

2. Affect

1. Range

2. Intensity

3. Appropriateness

5. Thought

Thought process

Thought formation

Progression oof thought

Thought content

6. Perception

Delusion and it's different types





Thought broadcasting

Thought insertion

6. Perception

Hallucinations and it's different types


7. Orientation

1. Time

2. Place

3. Person

7. Memory

1. Immediate memory (few minutes or seconds)

3. Remote memory

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