Essential features of normal labour

 Essential features of normal labour

1. Passenger

Fetal skull and size.

Position of fetus; 

Fetal lie; 

Longitudinal (vertical)

Transverse (horizontal)


Fetal presentation

Fetal attitude

Fetal position

Fetal station 

2. Passage

Cervix dilates (10cm dilatation),  cervix effacement (100%) effaced.

3. Power

Uterine contraction/pain

Involuntary uterine contractions and voluntary pushing of fetus, frequency, intensity, bearing effort, true labour pain, false labour pain.

Birth canal obstruction may be caused due to;

Tumor/ cyst/ CPD

To make false labour pain to true labor pain 60 drops/ minutes oxytocin.

4. Position

Maternal postures and physical position.

Position of labour

Positions of pushing

5. Psychology 

The response to mother (anxiety, nervousness, stressed).

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