Essential care of newborn

 Immediate care of new born

1. Soon after delivery of baby 

Placed on tray covered with dry linen.

Head slightly downward (15degree)

Facilitated drainage of mucus accumulatd in tracheo-bronchial tree by gravity.

Baby placed between legs of mother and at lower level the uterus to facilitates gravitation of blood from placenta to infant.

2. Suctioning

Cleared mucus and liquor

3. APGAR rating

Within one minutes and 5 minutes recorded.

4. Clamping and ligature of the cord.

Cord clamp with two kocher's forceps to prevent fetal blood loss.

Delay clamping code for 2-3 minutes (80-100ml) blood from compressed placenta to baby when placed between the level of uterus.

Compress placenta to baby when placed below the level of uterus.

Beneficial to baby but not to prebirth baby due to hypervolaemia.

Early clamping done in case of Rh negative compatibility.

Detect any abnormality.

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