Parts of Syringe And Needle

Syringe And Needle

Syringes and needles used to inject solutions into or withdraw secretions from the body. For example: inject substances into the body or taking blood from a vein. Syringes and needles are sterile devices.


Parts of Syringe and Needle

The syringe is made up of three parts:

1. The plunger (piston)

2. The barrel

3. Luer lock


Parts of Syringe And Needle

1. Plunger

To operate syringe, the plunger must be pressed down to the bottom of the barrel. The plunger can be pushed and pulled inside the barrel. It helps in a draw in and expels the liquid.


2. Barrel


Syringe barrel is the cylindrical part of the syringe that holds fluid to be inJect, or fluid that has been withdrawn. The plunger fits tightly within the barrel.


3. Luer lock


Luer lock parts of the syringe have a screw structure that allows a needle to be twisted onto the tip and locked.


There are various types of syringes available for medication administration. 

Parts of Needle


Needle consist of:

1. Needle hub

2. Needle shaft

3. Needle bevel

4. Needle protective cover


1. Needle Hub


Hub consist needle adopter is at one end of the needle that part attached to the syringe. Hub helps in lock the needle in place while using a syringe.

 2. Needle Shaft

Shaft is long slender stem of the needle. At one end continue to the needle hub and other ends to bevel to form the point.


3. Needle Bevel

Bevel is a sharpened and angle-shaped area at the needle tip, that makes needlepoint.

The hollow tip of the needle shaft is known as the lumen.

A hollow needle used for injection, puncturing tissue


4. Needle Protective Cover

It is Needle protective sheath

As per the use of a medical needle, there are various types of medical needle are available in different size and have color-coding.

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